the no’s have it: here’s my outfit!!! probably gonna let go of the glasses for an evening as it’s kind of like my version of letting my hair down, because my hair is always down. if you’re thinking, “wow jackie, that’s kind of a tiny dress,” don’t worry - i own a trenchcoat. i am probably gonna have to bring extra shoes so i don’t slip on wet pavement and break my ankles or something…………………..

if there’s one thing i love to dress myself in it’s bright rich colors. 
uh… gpoyw?
welp, the pants and hat are urban outfitters, and the shirt is from victoria secret - i’m also wearing a pendant that’s a river stone with the white tree of gondor on it. i wish i could link y’all to the pants, but i got them on sale and i can’t find them anymore! :c 


check out this hot pink shift dress i picked up at forever 21. the color is admittedly glaringly pink but i feel like a little ray of sunshine in it :3 it’s also silky as fuck. i’m wearing these sandals from urban outfitters with ‘em too, i was just too lazy to get them all in one picture. 

for the last couple of days, there’s been a lot of hype on the post of how to wear a man’s button down shirt if you’re a guy. weeeeeeeellllll this morning i’m out of clean clothes so i’m stuck being creative and this is what i’m wearing today. it’s hard as fuck to keep the shirt from slipping so i put a lace bandeau under it. also i’ve got on black tights and my super sweet vans. i would’ve taken a better picture, but i have lost my camera charger. -.- WOMP WOMP 
gratuitous what i wore today.

i love fall colors, man. too nice.