peaches, rose petals, and honey steeping in cut everclear and brandy. 
aw this one isn’t so bad, either.

pictures from the beach.

(Source: jackie-moon)

i got michael to take a picture of me in this dress i just bought from buffalo exchange in austin because it’s 100% cotton and like embroidered and i’m totally obsessed with it. yes, i am wearing the sunhat again. 
here’s a picture of my home :3 last summer living here, however… a little bittersweet, indeed. 
yours truly :P 
hanging out with michaelus at the beach.. condo.. thing 

hopefully we don’t go insane, no promises 

today i am signing the lease for my first townhouse and going down to galveston with my family and michael for a few days :3 weeeeeeeeeeeee!!

pretty pretty cloth :3
je suis le primaire chaton