<3 better than a dime in the grinder, brah
deeper, darker a mix i just slapped together. good for what the picture implies. 
hey issssss it your hit?
allow me to introduce to you, my friends, the newest member of the Thicket’s family. it’s an hbg. it’s awesome. 
we have a bowl for it but we like ze spot rips /shrug
don’t do drugs. 



what does being stoned feel like 

well theres two vastly different answers to this

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your love of the halflings’ leaf has clearly slowed your mind….. 


glistening amber 

drops of glistening amber drape green….. aventurine?
whatever that looks delicious

Why Bobcats grin


When Pocahontas was like…

Texas State students were like…


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Basically I did my favorite Damara quotes and then used Audacity to get it to Japanese school girl speed and pitch.

These quotes, in order:

あなたに性的快感を与えるために十分な厚さではない。 (It is not thick enough to give sexual pleasure to you)

あなたはあなたの言葉で私を退屈続けるのだろうか?または。あなたは私の服を脱ぐのだろうか? ( Will you continue boring me with your words? Or. Will you take off my clothes?)

私はあなたの歯の間に私の乳首を感じるようにしたい。(I want to feel my nipples between your teeth.)

 性交あなたは何を話している?白痴雌犬。 (What the fuck you’re talking about? Baka bitch.)

 あなたは非常に怒っているように見える。性交をチルアウト。のはお互いに触れてみましょう。私と一緒に投石入手してください。 ( You seem to be very angry. Chill the fuck out. Let’s touch each other. Please get stoned with me.)

私のおっぱいの上にミルクを注いでください。(Please pour milk on top of my boobs.)

あなたは、幽霊のような私の性器が性的クライマックスを持っていることを確認してください。あなたの幻の馬のペニスでそれを行う必要があります。 (You, please make sure that my genitals ghostly have a sexual climax. You must do it with your phantom horse’s penis.)

HORSEAPONIまたがっ私を曲げる。あなたは私がハードファック。HORSEYスタイル。(I bend across HORSEAPONI. You fuck me hard. HORSEY style.)

haha what am i doing

oh my god i knew tumblr would help me out. LETS GET STONED, DAMARA, LETS DO IT