Phantogram Thursday night at The Other Tent

CHECK IT OUT FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*O* <3
Me at Eeyore’s Birthday snapped by an awesome photographer :3 look at all that paint oh god

went out to riverfest for a few hours yesterday. literally within TWO minutes of walking into Sewell that dude picked me up and started to give me kisses….

also, my god i love that gumby picture. 

(Source: jackie-moon)

also i went to reggae fest on friday with michael and a few of my otha friends and bought some kettle corn bigger than my torso… it was fucking delicious.. 

it is only 4 o’clock of day 1 of 3.

hahahahaha i’m going to die ahahahahahhaha

bonnaroo is hot as fucking fuck fuck, and then at night, it’s cold. it’s dusty, it’s sweaty, but the music is fantastic, and the drugs are really really easy to find. I smoked hasish for the first time today! anyway i’m gonna eat some beef jerky and rest before i go back out into the evening.