B and I at Empire for Hucci :) 


little angels in the Thicket - baby bunnies, born November 9th 2013

if you live in the hill country area contact emily if you are a serious pet owner looking to own a holland lop. 

Me out on a shenanigan’d night. I love Mary Beth ^^

i wonder where i can print pictures onto fibrous paper? anyone ever tried this before? 


im going to go get donuts

from the 24/7 donut shop down the street

that also has samosas and indian food cause its run by indian people

and its all fresh

and you’re not

ha ha fuckin ha

ken’s is legendary *.* <3

i’m so jealous! 


justice at austin music hall

WHO’S GOIN?! i am so exited. 

Me at Eeyore&#8217;s Birthday snapped by an awesome photographer :3 look at all that paint oh god
also i went to reggae fest on friday with michael and a few of my otha friends and bought some kettle corn bigger than my torso&#8230; it was fucking delicious.. 

i’m not sure how many of y’all live in austin

but to those of you in west campus, this round up shit is hilarious