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Suture Up Your Future
Queens Of The Stone Age · Era Vulgaris
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I’m gonna suture up my future
I ain’t jaded, I just hate it
See, I’ve been down too long
It’s kinda hard to explain

I’ve been giving my love away
To the things that tear it apart
I’m gonna suture up my future

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3's and 7's
Queens of the Stone Age · Era Vulgaris
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Bondax - All Inside

good music for studying and getting yourself into that, “yeah i’m a fucking bamf who can, coolly, take anything”

when i walk into rooms, imagine this song. 

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Blue Hawaii - Sierra Lift

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Flying Lotus · Cosmogramma
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Flying Lotus: Arkestry


Oldie, but a goodie!
Kimbra singing ‘Cameo Lover’ acoustic version. 


deeper, darker a mix i just slapped together. good for what the picture implies. 
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Beef Jerky
Cibo Matto · Viva! La Woman
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milkfrog: i’ll always love this song

weird music i used to listen to and forgot about until i stalked the beef jerky tag. 

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NY in night
The Cancel
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The Cancel || NY in night